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Professionals at your service

The Tourist Office plays an important role in the village’s economical development and activity. It has been Qualité Tourisme since 2012 and 1st class category since the following year. Over the years, the Tourist ffice has multiplied the actions in favour of local professionals and works at highlighting the destination and offer quality services to its partners and visitors.

2023 Key figures & actions

–> FRONT DESK + 39 950 visitors at the Tourist Office, 11 290 requests –> CLASSIFICATION 81 accommodations classified –> WEBSIITE 33 700  visitors –> BROCHURES + 3 700 pratical and accommodation guides handed out, + 640 brochures downloaded –> SOCIAL MEDIA + 9 000  fans on FB, + 7 300 fans on Instagram, over 700 posts –> TOURIST TAX + 780 000 € collected for an overall capacity of accommodation over 26 000 units –> LABELS – CLASSIFICATION renewal of state classifications (commune touristique, station classée, accommodation classification, accueil vélo, Qualité Tourisme)

Objective : Work hand in hand with the local professionals !

–> visits to service providers and distribution of documentation by staff throughout the year –> providing support for professionals, making practical information available and presenting the services offered by the team (e.g. classification of furnished accommodation, Qualité Tourisme and Esprit Parc National labels) –> adapt our digital communication strategy in line with technological developments –> provide your seasonal workers with a welcome brochue entitled ”La Croix Valmer, for a summer job” and organise short course for seasonal workers from the Port-Cros National Park –> Involve service providers in the strategic choices made by the Tourist Office (members of the Board of Directors and the Destination Quality Group). –> organisation of the “Rencontres du Tourisme Croisien” and “Croisien, je m’y Emploi/e”.

Why ?

partenariat office de tourisme devenir partenaire

To promote the image of your activity, La Croix Valmer Tourisme has the most up-to-date and efficient communication tools. Becoming a partner means that you will be able to benefit from these tools to promote your activity and increase your visibility !

Different packs

How ?

équipe office de tourisme la croix valmer

By contacting Stéphanie Lourouse-Collomp, +33 (0)4 94 55 12 14

NB: you can become a partner at any point during the year, however some of the partnership options will no longer be available due to editing and printing deadlines.

To find out more about the missions and work of your Tourist Office, consult :

Qualité Tourisme™ is the only state brand awarded to professionals for the quality of their reception and services.

The Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports professionals willing to commit themselves by providing personalized support, preparation for the audit, promotion of the marked establishment… so don’t hesitate, go for it !

To find out more

Created in 2015, Esprit Parc national brand is common to the economic actors of the ten French national parks. It is designed to support and promote economic, touristic and agricultural activities that respect and enhance local heritage.

partenariat office de tourisme devenir partenaire marque esprit parc national


The National Park attributes its positive image to products and services that meet the criteria of sustainable development and preserve biodiversity. The brand allows professionals to differentiate themselves for a public motivated by environmental protection, preservation and discovery of local heritage. This contractual approach makes it possible to develop a solid partnership between the National park and the economic professionals in the area.


  • benefit from the brand’s reputation and the promotion of the partnership with the National park
  • support the deployment of the brand (labels, posters, reception tools, etc.)
  • access the training program
  • benefit from local and national communication and promotion actions
  • belong to a network of professionals who share common values


  • contact the Tourist Office, which will act as a link between you and the park
  • your structure will be audited by an authorized person to check that your products/services meet the criteria (plus d’informations)
  • your application is validated by your National park
  • you sign a 3-year partnership agreement allowing you to use the brand (annual fee)