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Accommodation classification

Qualify your accommodation... or how to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer a guarantee of quality to your customers

classement meublés de tourisme taxe de séjour hébergement qualité location qualification chambre hôte

Why should you classify your holiday home ?

Thanks to the classification process, you will be able become a partner of the Tourist Office. This will give you the opportunity to appear in our brochures, on our website and social media accounts.

How to classify your holiday home in 3 steps ?


Once we have received your application, we will contact you to organise an appointment to carry out the classification.


Once your file has been treated, you will obtain a classification which is valid for 5 years.

Find all the pratical information here :

classement avantages, modalités, tarifs
benefits, process, fares…
classement conditions générales de vente
general terms and conditions
classement meublé de tourisme gratuit la croix valmer
classification grid
classement fiche de réclamation
complaint form
chambre d'hôte référence la croix valmer

Chambre d’hôte référence


A Bed & Breakfast should not exceed five bedrooms and a maximum capacity of 15 guests. Each bedroom provides access to a bathroom and restroom and has sufficient household linen. Breakfast must be included in the price for a night.

Why ?

  • to distinguish yourself from the competition
  • offer your guests a qualified service
  • the classification grid is based on 4 main principles : quality of the services, quality of the facilities, cleanliness and respect for the environment


  • the qualification is awarded for 5 years
  • guarantee your guests a service of quality without having to join a label
  • free publication of your rental on the Var’s website

How ?

The Tourist Office collaborates with the Regional Federation for the qualification of touristic services

  • fill in the required documents hereafter and provide them to the Tourist Office
  • an appointment will be settled upon for the visit of your B & B
  • for the visit, the bedrooms must be presented as if you were welcoming a guest and the breakfast must also be presented as served for a customer
  • your qualification request will be sent, after the visit, to the Regional Committee that will grant or not the qualification
  • once granted the qualification “Chambre d’Hôtes Référence”, the certificate will have to be displayed in each room