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Take advantage of the morning or late afternoon mild temperature, to walk off beaten tracks : the scent of the pine forest, the colors of Provence, a moment out of time, an invitation to wonder.

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There are walks, bike rides and hikes for everyone! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced walker, solo or with your family… There is a wide range of choice : walk along the coastal path, discover the architectural heritage of the village, see the amazing panoramas, vineyards, mimosas, the seaside or the hills… La Croix Valmer’s natural areas can be visited with enchantment, contemplated like a colourful painting, and protected like a well kept treasure. There are plenty of walks to do : enough for 1 hike a day during your stay!


Looking for something new? How about (re)discovering La Croix Valmer from a different angle? 

Put on your sports shoes, grab your phone and headphones and let us tell you all about La Croix Valmer and its history. Explore the streets and lanes on one of our 4 itineraries, available in three languages (French, English and German): 

La Croix Valmer and the Château de Chausse, will help you understand the importance of the vineyards in our village
La Croix Valmer et le Domaine de La Madrague, will take you through the vineyards and along the coastal paths
La Croix Valmer and Domaine de La Croix, will explain the links between the development of the vineyard and the town
La Croix Valmer and the Château de Chausse, will help you understand the importance of the vineyards in our village

Points Rencontres 

Throughout the year, the National Park and the Tourist Office organize “meeting points“, walks accompanied by Park staff. These walks cover a range of themes, from “discovering the flora and fauna” to “regenerating a site after a fire”.

Information and bookings on our website
or with our holiday advisors
découvrir s'evader la croix valmer sentier balades randonnées à pied à vélo

Follow Inspector Rando !

Designed for children, our “Fun Walks” booklet takes the form of a treasure hunt. The clues collected along the way on elements of the built or natural heritage lead children to observe and search for elements to solve the enigmas suggested.

3 walking routes (two on foot and one by bike) accessible from the age of 4, will allow you to discover La Croix Valmer as a family while having fun together.

These walks encourage our youngest visitors to be curious and attentive to their surroundings: it’s up to them to set the pace of the walk by playing the role of explorers, allowing parents to rediscover their childlike spirit. Each tour has three levels of difficulty, depending on the age of your children: 4/6 years, 7/9 years and over 10 years.