For kids & Families !


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How about a fun walk to discover the area ?

Randoland is another way of walking around with children : the leaflet gathers both the itinerary and, according to different ages, a number of riddles and observations to discover the architectural and natural patrimony of La Croix Valmer. Walking becomes a game and a real pleasure for the whole family.


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Now that you know all there is to know on the concept, it's time to head off because Inspector Rando needs your help !

  • 1/ download one of the leaflets at the bottom of the page

  • 2/ read the itineray and the riddles before heading off : it's a little like a treasure chase with riddles adapted to different ages (4/6 - 7/9 - +10).

  • 3/ Get going and follow Inspector Rando !


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