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Departure : Tourist Office

Duration : 2h00

Difficulty : 1/4

Suggestion : Start off the hike around 10:00 am to be back in the village for lunch

Walk up Rue Louis Martin, on the right-hand side sidewalk. Turn right after the newsagent. At the Rond-point du Brost, cross the street and take Route du Brost (signs will indicate Gendarmerie & Gassin). After the Gendarmerie, follow the path alongside the road. After the stadium, follow the path with the green markings. At the intersection with the road, turn left, enjoy the view on the vineyards and turn right at the sign La Galiasse. View on Gassin on your left. Keep walking uphill. After the bridge, when you start walking downhill, the path is lined with mimosas (blossoming in January/February) and enjoy the view on the sea and the coastline. Keep walking on this road (leave La Colline des Sarrasins on your left). Walk past Les Mas de La Galiasse (on your right) and turn left Corniche de la Pinède. At the intersection, walk straight ahead. At the bottom of Corniche de la Pinède, cross the road and turn right. Turn left Allée des Cassis and follow the street on your right. Once at Villa des Eléphants (on your left), take the stairs and the path on your right. At the intersection with the road, turn left and follow the signs Le Village. You are Boulevard des Villas : discover the 19th and 20th century villas : “Villa des Pères du Saint-Esprit” used as a daymark (landmark for the sailors), “Villa Les Bruyères” which used to be the school and where nowadays, the activities of the MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture - House of the Youth and the Culture) take place, “Andalousie” with its varnished tiles and its garden, “La Grande Clarté” built in 1900, “Le Manoir” built in 1914, “Saint Joseph” built in 1917, and “La Roseraie”, with its flat roof. At the intersection, take the right-hand side sidewalk. At the Rond Point de La Croix, cross the street on your left and take the pedestrian underpass to head back to the Tourist Office.

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