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Departure : Tourist Office

Duration : 3h30

Difficulty : 2/4

Follow the blue markings. At the roundabout of La Croix, in front of the Tourist Office, take the pedestrian underpass. Take Boulevard Tabarin towards Tabarin - Vergeron - Gigaro. Stay on the right-hand side sidewalk. Turn right Rue de l’Eglise. At the church, enjoy the view, take a few minutes to visit it or turn right. At the next intersection, turn right and immediately left, signs will indicate Plage. Walk alongside the vineyards on your left. At Chemin de la Pierre Plantée, take the asphalted road in front of you. At the intersection, turn left Voie Verte. Follow the path and enjoy the view of the village on your left. After the vineyards, enjoy the view on the village or walk through the Parcours de santé on your right (you will catch up with the path). Further on, cross the brook on your left and follow the path on your right alongside the vineyards. Cross the second stream and take the path in front of you. Walk past Allée du Bois du Manège. Cross the road and turn right. At Rond-point du Débarquement, turn left. You are Plage du Débarquement, historical location of D-Day and named after August 15th 1944. When facing the sea, turn left and walk all the way to the stairs.

From now on, follow the yellow markings and the signs “Sentier du Littoral”. Creeks, rocky points, beaches and cliffs succeed each other. Creeks, rocky points, beaches and cliffs succeed each other. Walk past Plage de la Bouillabaisse, then Plage du Vergeron (former citrus plantation). Further on, overhanging Plage de Sylvabelle is the “Villa Couadan” : this villa is recognizable and would have been built in 1914 for Sarah Bernhardt. You have arrived Plage d’Héraclée. The name suggests the Greek migrators who traded with the inhabitants. At the end of the beach, turn left and take Impasse d’Héraclée.

From this point forward, follow the blue markings. At the intersection, turn left Boulevard du Littoral. As you walk alongside the vineyards, stay on the left-hand side sidewalk. Walk past Rond Point de Sylvabelle. You can observe the old sanatorium and aerium of Sylvabelle on your right behind you. At the next intersection, turn right Boulevard Tabarin. To head back to the village, take the same path you came. Look up on your right to see the “Villa des Pères du Saint Esprit”, used as a daymark (landmark for the sailors).

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