Le Sémaphore

semaphore 00

Prrsentation :

Departure : plage de Gigaro

Durée : 2h00

Difficulty : 2/4


Follow the yellow markings. At the entrance of the Domaine du Cap Lardier (property of the national coastal conservatory), Plage de Gigaro, take the coastal footpath (signs will indicate Sentier du Littoral). Walk past Plage des Brouis and Pointe d’Andati and walk up Pins Blancs (Difficult climb). Follow the signs Vieux Sémaphore. Walk past it at the green tank. After the tank, leave the sign Cap Lardier on your right and turn left to walk towards the vineyards. At the wooden barrier, on your left, walk downhill following Plage de Gigaro until you reach a metallic gate. At the gate, take the path on the right and follow the stream. Once you reach the intersection with Route Forestière de Gigaro, turn right to head back to your starting point.

Dogs are allowed in Domaine du Cap Lardier but must be kept on a leash and can only cross over the beaches.


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