Presentation :

Departure : plage de Gigaro

Duration : 3h30

Difficulty : 3/4


From Plage de Gigaro, at the entrance of the Domaine du Cap Lardier, take the coastal footpath and follow “Cap Lardier”. Once at Cap Lardier, follow the path all the way to Plage de Briande.
Once on the beach, follow the yellow markings on your left, follow the path along the fence, stay on the trail in the undergrowth. At the intersection, cross the trail while following the yellow markings, walk alongside the farming plot. At the far end of this path, take the path running along the fence. At the crossing, take the soil path climbing on your left (do not turn right), keep walking until the bend and turn right to take the path running down through the vegetation all the way to a crossing facing the vineyards and 2 wooden steps. Follow the markings and turn right. At the next crossing, turn left and follow the markings indicating Plage de Gigaro, follow the trail straight ahead of you. At the green front gate, follow the markings on your right and take the trail running through the undergrowth to head back towards the inland track “Route Forestière de Gigaro”. Turn right and follow the route and indications “Plage de Gigaro” to head back at the departure point.


Dogs are allowed in Domaine du Cap Lardier but must be kept on a leash and can only cross over the beaches.


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