19th century Villas


Villa Turquoise

villa turquoise 02

Located just across from the village hall "Charles Voli”, this beautiful residence hosts an exhibition displaying the commune's history, from its origin to present day. One can admire the beautiful period architecture from the outside, with its tulip shaped roof and its exterior frescos. The ceiling of the main room is absolutely wonderful!


Villa Louise

villa louise 02

Property of the Rouyer-Warnier family, cloth manufacturers originally from Reims, this residence was given in 1925 to the "Hospices civils" of Lyon and of Reims; this donation came with a responsibility: to transform this residence into a holiday residence for children from the Lyon and Reims areas. This residence is now managed by the "Renée Sabran Hospital", an annex of Giens, and takes children from all over France. In the hands of the provident society of the civil hospices of Lyon, Villa Louise still plays its role in accommodating children during the school holidays. 


Villa Les Bruyères

villa bruyeres MJC 02

This villa was built in 1915 and was the property of the Dugueyt family. This beautiful building became the community school from 1934 until 1991. Since then it has been the "Maison des Arts et des Sports" (MJC), and offers numerous artistic, cultural and sporting activities for the local community. 


Villa Couadan

villa couadan 02

The villa which towers above the sandy beach of Sylvabelle, with a magnificently decorated façade was built for Sarah Bernhardt.


Villa Andalousie

villa andalousie 02

This villa was originally called villa "Therese". Therese being the name of Mr Majoux's sister. Mr Majoux was the domain owner at the time. This villa was built before 1920, and was sold later onto Germaine Roger, the "Gaités Lyriques" manager.


Villa Alléluia

villa alleluia 03

Built in 1907/1909, on a plot acquired from the Domain by Madame du Plessis de Pestre.



sylvabelle 02

This imposing building was built at the beginning of the century and was a Hotel from 1906 to 1914. People stayed for remedial treatment - it was called the Solarium. During the First World War (1914-1918) all the Hotel’s activities ceased. Then in 1923, the property was sold to the "Comité Commun de l'Hygiène de l'Enfance". Since 1969, the medical and professional Institute has housed problem adolescents in a boarding school... 



orangeraie 02

This building, built in 1900, was actually intended to be given to the congregation of the "Sisters of Nazareth". They installed an orphanage there but abandoned the management of the building quite quickly. Sponsored by the Domaine, the building was transformed for use by the tourist industry : The "Grand Hotel" was created and it was very important during that period in promoting the development of La Croix Valmer. 


Le Manoir

le manoir 02

Built before 1914, the villa was the property of Mr Chevallet and was called "Villa Souvenir". Between 1920/1930 the property was bought by Dr. Vadella and was named "Le Manoir". 



maison des peres 02

Without doubt this is the most imposing monument of the village. This large building was used by navigators as a landmark when they sailed along the coast. The building has changed names several times: "Hotel de Bon Repos", "Hotel d'Angleterre", then "Hotel d'Angleterre et Kensington" and, after that, "Grand Hotel de la Cote d'Azur". Since 1963, the building has been a retirement and convalescent home for priests, nuns and monks.