Classify your rental

As a renter furnished, professional or not, classified or not, you have to declare your rental at theCity Hall and pay the tourist tax.
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Why a new classification process

The new requirements enabled to unify the different means of classification and modernize the criteria. The grid lists 112 criteria, some compulsory others optional, which will all be looked out during the classification visit of the rental.

These properties are awarded between 1 and 5 stars based on the set of criteria, taking into account equipment, customer service, accessibility and sustainable development.

The classification is granted for 5 years and the owner is given an official document as proof of classification.


What are the benefits ?

- Reduced taxes from 50 to 71%
- Possibility to become member of the Agence Nationale des Chèques Vacances (holiday cheques).
- Offer visitors a token of quality 
- Free publication of your rental on the Var’s website, Visitvar

You want to classify your rental ?

Our Tourist Office obtained the certification for the classification of furnished accommodation May 17th 2013. All the information regarding the procedure and criteria for the classification of your rental here

Documents for the classification of your property : 

For all classification requests please follow the following link : Classification Form

Process and Information for a successful classification

Criteria Grid

General terms and condition

Documents if you wish to lodge a complaint : 

Complaint Form

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