Parking in La Croix Valmer

Blue zone parking

In La Croix Valmer, it is 518 free parking places whose 170 in a blue zone.

The blue zone is a free parking for cars but limited on time to avoid trafic, annoying parking, which is dangerous.Disques
This free parking authorization is controlled by a disc which must be appended in the front of the car. The model of this disc is set by a decree from the Minister of the Interior.

Since January 1st 2012, a new disc model must be used for blue zone.

Time is limited at 30 mn at Place des Palmiers and 1h30 for the others blue zone parking.
The non-usage of the disc is sanctioned by a fine of 17 euros.

Free disc at the Tourist Office

Pay and display parking

Parkings for the beaches are paying from June 1st to September 30th.


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Parking is subject to a charge by time stamp on the sites marked in the following municipal areas: :

-Boulevard du Maréchal Juin,

-Aire de stationnement de Pardigon (ex-Douane),

-Aire de stationnement sans contrôle d'accès dite du "Baigneur",

-Boulevard du Littoral,

-Aire de stationnement de Sylvabelle,

-Boulevard des Cyprès,

-Boulevard de Gigaro,

-Impasse Héraclée,

-Aire de stationnement des Myrtes,

-Boulevard Abel Faivre,

-Aire de stationnement Saint-Michel


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